Erectile Dysfunction is a global problem

People all over the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).
men on the world are believed to suffer from ED (at least)1
of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have some degree of ED2
risk of side effects using PDE5i-pills3 (popular: Viagra, Cialis etc.)
breakdown of all relationships are caused by ongoing ED4

Erectile dysfunction is when a sufficient erection of the penis for sexual intercourse cannot be achieved or maintained and if this condition persists for a period of at least 6 months. The probability to suffer from erectile dysfunction increases sharply with age.

An erection is caused by the interplay of muscles, blood circulation and nerve impulses. The shaft of the penis is composed of three erectile tissues (corpus cavernosum / corpus spongiosum), which consist of muscle fibers and blood vessels. In flaccid state the muscle fibers are contracted pressing the blood arteries together and thus preventing the flow of too much blood into the corpora cavernosa. During sexual arousal, the brain sends stimulating neurotransmitters through the spinal cord to the muscle fibers to the penis. When the muscles relax, the arteries dilate and the corpora cavernosa fills up with blood, causing the penis to stiffen. Simultaneously the corpora cavernosa presses against the veins impeding the blood to flow out of the penis.

When sexual arousal decreases, the brain signalizes the muscle to tense again. The blood supply into the erectile tissue reduces, the remaining blood flows slowly out making the penis to relax. When nerve- and/or bloodstreams are damaged, caused e.g. by alcohol, nicotine or diabetes, this natural flow and the interplay of the mentioned factors are disturbed, an erectile dysfunction can evolve over time.

The causes for an erectile dysfunction may not only be a physical but also a psychological reason. The most common causes for an erectile dysfunction are organic, only 20-40% are psychological. Nevertheless, both causes could presuppose each other. The most important organic causes are:

  • Circulatory disorders in the penile area – often associated with diabetes
  • High blood pressure and/or elevated cholesterol
  • Nerve damage
  • Hormonal problems and
  • Problems after surgery or genital injuries.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are especially linked to stress, anxiety, depression and/or relationship problems. Various drugs such as medication for hypertension, antidepressants, etc., can cause an erectile dysfunction as well.

35-75% of all diabetics suffer from erectile dysfunction. Diabetes harms blood and nerves, both important prerequisites for an erection.

Do the Self Test

The questionnaire of the IIEF-5-score (International Index of Erectile Function) can give hints, whether a medical problem of erectile dysfunction exists.

Conventional treatments

Medication-based treatments

Well-known treatments like PDE-5 inhibitors (potency-enhancing pills), apomorphine or impotence injections are mostly combined with painful side effects.

Non-medication based treatments

While the implantation of penile prosthesis very risky and the treatment with a penile pump quite difficult is to use, the shock wave therapy represents a safe, easy and non-invasive therapy option.

Introducing shock wave therapy

The shock wave therapy represents an innovative and long-term effective method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This therapy leads to a significant improvement of the erectile function in patients and ensures their sexual spontaneity as well as the restored quality of life which come along therewith. The shock wave therapy relies on the treatment / elimination of the main cause of erectile dysfunction, namely the reduced blood supply to the penile tissue.

Easy treatment

Shockwave therapy is a simultaneously, gentle and effective treatment option for patients with urogenital problems now possible.

No Side Effects

Shockwave therapy is pain free, requires no anesthesia. No side effects have been observed.

Scientifically proven

The effectiveness of shockwave therapy has been proven in several clinical studies. They show that the improvement of erectile function in patients after shock wave application persists for up to two years.

Restores natural erection

By stimulating the body´s own production of growth factors and the new promotion of blood vessels, shockwaves facilitate the formation of a natural erection.

What are shock waves?

Shock waves are acoustic waves with a brief rise time of a few nanoseconds (10-9s), which are characterized by a pulse of positive pressure followed by a phase of negative pressure. Shock waves are used to improve blood circulation and tissue regeneration in the fields of urology, orthopedics, sports medicine, cosmetics and wound care for over 20 years.

Learn more about the science

How does the treatment work?

And how efficient is it?

The biological effects of the shock waves are used to stimulate the self-healing mechanism of the affected tissue at the cell and vascular level. Shock waves stimulate the development of new blood vessels, the release of angiogenic growth factors, and, according to clinical studies, trigger the migration of stem cells, which, in turn, significantly increase blood flow in the treated area. The combination of all these factors leads to a long-term improvement in the patient’s erectile function and increases his sexual spontaneity and the associated quality of life.

The treatment is an effective and safe alternative to drug treatment and is also suitable for patients who have not responded to the medication. Treatment is performed on an outpatient basis. The shock wave therapy is painless for the patient; anesthesia is not required. Side effects have not been observed.

How does such a device look like?

Right now there are several companies around the world offering shock wave therapy systems. The big difference lies in the medical effectiveness and how good the development is paired by scientific research.
With the innovative urogold100® therapy system, MTS Medical offers a long-term effective and safe treatment method for patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) and other urogenital indications.

Got any questions?

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Is the treatment painful?

Treatment with urogold100® is painless for the patient; therefore anesthetic is not necessary.

Where is the treatment performed? Is hospitalization necessary?

The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis with your urologist. A sick leave or even hospitalization are not necessary for the treatment.

How long does the treatment last?

One treatment lasts between 20-30 minutes. For good to excellent treatment results, the treatment protocol recommends several meetings over a period of about six weeks.

When can we expect the first improvement in erectile function and how long does it last?

After about three weeks the patient can see the first improvements in its erectile function (ED), which can last for up to two years after treatment.

Does the therapy has to be repeated regularly?

Generally, after performing the treatment cycle no further therapy sessions are needed. You can, however, resume the treatment four weeks after the first treatment cycle.

How different is the Spark Wave therapy from other therapies?

Compared to all other therapies for erectile dysfunction (ED), the Spark Wave therapy is a non-invasive, non-medication therapy, in which the healing process is caused by the stimulation of the natural self-healing powers of the body.


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