Is my partner impotent or cheating?

When things are not quite as good as they used to be, most women ask themselves this question. The signs that a man is being unfaithful can be very similar to those of a man suffering from erectile dysfunction (often misunderstood as impotence).
Women may also worry that their partner could be potent with other women, leaving them with fantasies of infidelity.

Am I really unattractive?

Women start being frustrated, believing that the man is losing interest in her so they are beginning to doubt on their body shape or skills. The feeling of not being attractive anymore, combined with the lack of communication, can cause depression or nutritional disorders.


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What is the truth?

Having sex is a very private and intimate act which brings two people much closer to each other and for most couples it’s extremely important for the relationship bound.
When suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) a man starts to lose his self-confidence if he cannot satisfy his and his partner’s sexual needs. The man is acting frustrated and humiliated of not being able to start or complete the sex act.
For many men it’s very hard to tackle such a problem on their own, leaving unsatisfied and doubtful partners behind. In fact, it’s believed that 20% of all relationship breakdowns are caused by erectile dysfunction (ED).

My partner is impotent!

Having an impotent husband or boyfriend is not the end of the world. Seek the communication with him and let him know, that you support him emotionally. It is very difficult for men to get over the fear of talking about the possibility of being impotent.

Try to take your man the thought of being guilty and embarrassed away. Assure him, that you will be on his side and bring the necessary patience without building up pressure.
If the man feels that his partner stands behind him, giving him the much needed emotional support, then he may accept the fact that he could suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and starts talking honestly and open to you. Only then you’ll be able to find a solution together.

How can I help my partner?

  • Discuss this issue most frankly outside of the bedroom
  • Inform yourselves about alternative treatments
  • Find a solution together
  • Emotional support
  • Find a suitable medical treatment together (hyperlink to comparison of treatments)
  • Patience and no time pressure is important